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Kickstarter Project CellRobot Previews a World Where You Can Be Good At Robotics

Ever dream of owning a robot? Did you settle for a drone or one of those pesky hover-boards?
CellRobot prototype 8 photos
Cell Robot presentationCell Robot presentationCell Robot presentationCell Robot presentationCell Robot presentationCell Robot presentationCell Robot presentation
Well, a part of your dream may come true, as a company has revealed a Kickstarter project named CellRobot. That is the same name as the enterprise, and it focuses on a modular robot that can be controlled with your smartphone.

Instead of a humanoid robot, the team approached a modular solution, which can work with both predefined shapes, as well as custom user creations.

The whole concept of the Cell Robot is to provide regular people with a frame that will support different configurations and ideas, but works with the same kind of part, the “cell.”

These cells, as seen in the photo gallery, are quickly put together or separated, and the resulting robot is then programmed with the aid of a dedicated smartphone application, which will be accessible for both iOS and Android handsets.

The cheapest pledge costs $155, and it brings customers with Tier 1 pricing, as well as the CellRobot basic package. This included a “heart,” one cell, two wheels, and a battery charger. Except for the latter item, you will need more components for complicated designs, so keep that in mind if you are considering this robot to be a gift idea.

CellRobot expects to begin deliveries in December 2016, and U.S. customers get free shipping. Otherwise, the client must pay $20 for delivery, no matter where they reside. Depending on the project that the user wants to build, pledges can go up to $625. The company says this is a promotional price, so the robot will be 40% more expensive once it reaches the market.

Since this is a start-up, and not a fully established company with deep pockets, there is always a risk that those that pay for devices made by some start-ups end up with a poorly functional item, if their order is ever delivered.


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