Kia Throwing More Money at IONITY, Looking To Help Them Grow Ultra-Fast Charging Network

Kia is expanding its investment in IONITY, Europe’s leading ultra-fast EV charging network, in a bid to help the latter raise a further €700 million ($785 million) and increase the number of available charging ports positioned along European highways.
Kia is investing more money in IONITY 7 photos
Kia is investing more money in IONITYKia is investing more money in IONITYKia is investing more money in IONITYKia is investing more money in IONITYKia is investing more money in IONITYKia is investing more money in IONITY
IONITY currently operates more than 400 ultra-fast charging stations, with some 1,500 charging points in 24 different European countries. However, this latest investment should increase that number to 1,100, with the total number of charging points climbing to roughly 7,000 by the year 2025.

These new chargers will be placed at more strategically key locations, as well as along important roads and near major cities. Meanwhile, existing stations located in areas with high traffic levels will also be upgraded with new charging points to shorten overall charging and waiting times for customers.

Such an expansion would make it easier for customers to find these 350 kW chargers, which are capable of charging cars such as the Kia EV6 from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes. In turn, IONITY would look to acquire more of its own properties and operate its own service stations, depending on location.

The charging network giant recently unveiled its ‘Oasis’ concept, designed to showcase the charging experience of the future – such as having charging stations that are covered from weather elements, much like gas stations.

“As we look towards the phasing out of new IC engine vehicles over the next ten years, it is essential that drivers have access to an expansive and reliable fast-charging infrastructure. Our further investment in IONITY will see a significant expansion of ultra-fast chargers across Europe that will support our vehicles' high voltage capabilities. As a result, more drivers than ever will be able to charge their vehicles quickly and easily for a seamless EV experience,” said Kia Europe boss, Jason Jeong.

Aside from the EV6 crossover, Kia is planning on offering 11 new EVs globally by 2026, including seven dedicated battery electric models.

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