Kia Owners Hitting Another Android Auto Error as “Phone Is Not Responding”

A number of Kia owners have come across a new error message displayed either when trying to launch Android Auto or when the app is already running on their head units.
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Some people on Google’s forums say they’re getting an error indicating 'the phone is not responding,' when in fact, everything is running as it’s supposed to.

But the phone detected as unresponsive means they are no longer able to use Android Auto, and by the looks of things, reconnecting the device only fixes the whole thing temporarily.

The issue happens in several Kia models, including the 2019 Rio. But while it appears that Kia is the brand that is most often affected, others claim they’re getting a similar error on Hyundai and Chevrolet cars.

A member of the Android Auto team suggested a removal of the cache and data in the app and other linked services, but several users have already confirmed this doesn’t necessarily make a difference.

I have the same problem on a OnePlus 7 Pro. After 10-15 minutes connected to my UVO system using a known good USB cable, I get the ‘Phone not responding’ error. I did a complete data and cache wipe on the phone, but no dice. Google pushed out something bad, and it's breaking our phones,” one Kia owner explains.

For the time being, Google is yet to officially acknowledge the bug despite the workaround mentioned above, so it’s not yet clear if the company is investigating the reports and preparing a fix.

Most users claim the whole thing is happening randomly, so it’s impossible to know when Android Auto goes dark and the phone stops responding, but some warn that drivers shouldn’t try to reconnect the mobile device unless they are parked. By the looks of things, some are tempted to fiddle with the cable while driving to restore Android Auto, but this is clearly not recommended for obvious reasons.


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