Poor Kia Floats Mid-Air Atop Water From a Fire Hydrant, It Has Never Been Cleaner

Kia floats in the air atop water from a fire hydrant 6 photos
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Kia floats in the air atop water from a fire hydrantKia floats in the air atop water from a fire hydrantKia floats in the air atop water from a fire hydrantKia floats in the air atop water from a fire hydrantKia floats in the air atop water from a fire hydrant
This is definitely something that you don't see every day. A Kia Optima was left suspended mid-air after hitting a fire hydrant. The water lifted the car end of the car off the pavement. However, the sedan needed the firefighters to rescue it. Luckily, the firefighters did not need any water.
Water shot out of the fire hydrant, pushing the rear end of the silver Kia upwards, about seven feet in the air, while only the front end and front wheels supported the weight of the car. As the pressure of the water oscillates, the Kia is seen moving slightly up and down.

The firefighters from the Orange County Fire Authority needed the help of the Lake Forest Police Services to get the water under control and bring the wheels of the car back on the pavement safely. The crews managed to access the hydrant shutoff valve and lower the vehicle.

The Kia Optima that was left suspended mid-air, pushed by nothing but the water shooting out of the fire hydrant, reportedly collided with a white Ram pickup truck in Lake Forest at the intersection of Jeronimo Road and Heidi Avenue on Sunday evening, shortly after 6:00 PM. The pickup truck partially shows up in the six-second video uploaded to social media by the fire department from Lake Forest.

Both drivers, who were alone in their vehicles at the moment of the crash, managed to evacuate before the arrival of the emergency services. They were treated at the scene and transported to a local hospital for precautionary measures.

The Kia is pretty much like most flooded cars, with most internals affected by water. Hopefully, not much water penetrated the cabin. But that rear end, as far as we can see in the video, does not look good at all. Neither does the front end, which seems to have slammed into a Ram truck. The hood is seriously deformed, and, most likely, so are the bumper and radiator grille, which pretty much makes it a write-off. However, one thing is for sure: that Kia has never been that clean before.

A BMW M4 was left  floating in the air after a crash in London

The scene from Lake Forest resembles the one that we saw last month on a busy street in East London. A BMW M4 was left suspended mid-air after slamming into a bike stand and taking down a trash bin in the process. Witnesses claimed that it was a miracle that nobody was injured in the incident.

The rear wheel on the left side was ripped off in the impact. Somehow, the wheel went under the car, acting like a jack and keeping it with the rear wheels and trunk floating.

It seems that the 473 horsepower (480 metric horsepower) and the 406 pound-feet (550 Newton meters) of torque of the BMW M4, in combination with the rear wheel drive, were too much for the one behind the steering wheel.

The driver fled the scene before the police arrived.

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