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Ken Block Teaching His 13YO Daughter to Drift Makes Your Dad Not So Cool Anymore

Alright, so Ken Block has a daughter. Her name is Lia, she's 13 years old and she's very likely a better driver than you and me. Probably combined. She's done some racing, got a few podiums, but she's also a "good student" as Ken is so quick to add. He IS a dad, after all.
Ken and Lia Block 1 photo
She's also pretty adept at gymnastics, apparently, though she did manage to break her arm while tumbling. Again, it's not like we wouldn't break our necks and spines trying to do the same, so no judging here. All in all, she seems like a cool cat, which is probably what you would expect from the daughter of a guy who's made a name for himself by hooning cars around.

Back to the video at hand, you could split it into three parts. First, there's the setup. That's pretty much the part I've covered already, plus a brief description of the car they'll be using - the 1978 Ford Escort MK2 RS, a fitting vehicle for Lia's first foray into drifting. Oh, and I did miss one very important part: Lia has very limited experience with the clutch, having learned to drive stick just a few days before filming this video. Just to put things into perspective.

Second, there's the instruction and demonstration from dad. Ken takes the wheel, explains a few of the basics then goes out onto the track and does what he does best: transfers most of the rubber off the wheels and onto the tarmac. It's very tame stuff by his standards, but drifting cars is never boring.

Finally, Lia takes the wheel. If you were expecting this to resemble the first time you taught your kids how to ride a bike, it probably does. There's a lot of failing at first, but to her credit, Lia never gives up. And neither does Ken, who comes off as a very patient and kind instructor. If he ever needs a second job, I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in signing up at the Ken Block School for Drifting, Hooning, and Other Loud Stuff. I know I would.

And then she does it. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but it kinda gets emotional because you can see how much it means for both of them. Much like a blacksmith or a tanner hundreds of years ago, Ken is passing on his craft to his daughter, while Lia is just showing that exuberance kids have when they do something they really shouldn't at their age. It's just a lovely family video, only it's the Block family, so it's a little different. Enjoy.


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