Ken Block's Gymkhana 5 Teaser #2 Includes Travis Pastrana

Now that we know from the 1st Gymkhana 5 trailer that Ken Block has traveled to San Francisco for the this episode of the sage, we also want to find out what he’s doing there, besides abusing his Fiesta racer.
Fortunately, the second trailer tells us that and we’ve got very good news for you. In the fifth incarnation of the Gymkahana, Block will be joined by Travis Pastrana. Yes, we will get to see “Block vs Pastrana” action, with the later using his off-road bike for the stunts.

You can watch the clip to get an idea of what the two understand by “competition”. The idea is pretty simple really and it’s the one that has been standing behind the Gymkhana notion all the time: the fun factor it the most important one. So, enjoy the ride!


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