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Ken Block Is Undefeated in the Hoonicorn, 1,100 HP Chevy Nova Tries Anyway

At this point in the time, it doesn't really look like we're going to see Ken Block lose a race in the "Hoonicorn vs. the World" series. Quite a few cars have been brought forth to take on the task, but apart from winning one out of three runs, the all-wheel-drive, turbocharged Ford Mustang remains undefeated.
Hoonicorn Takes on Chevy Nova 10 photos
Hoonicorn vs 66 Chevy NovaHoonicorn vs 66 Chevy NovaHoonicorn vs 66 Chevy NovaHoonicorn vs 66 Chevy NovaHoonicorn vs 66 Chevy NovaHoonicorn vs 66 Chevy NovaHoonicorn vs 66 Chevy NovaHoonicorn vs 66 Chevy NovaHoonicorn vs 66 Chevy Nova
We're looking at the 7th installment of Hoonicorn vs. the World, and the Audi RS3 was probably the most difficult challenge Ken Block has had to face so far. Most people had hoped that Rob Dahm in the turbocharged four rotor Ahura would be the one to finally emerge victorious, but we all know how that ultimately went down.

It seems that even after seven episodes, fans of the series are still genuinely interested to see more of these races, and people are proposing some very interesting opponents for Mr. Block, but it remains to be seen if he'll ever go up against something that can pose a real threat to the Hoonicorn. They should bring out a Top Fuel Dragster already!

Going into this race, the 1966 Chevrolet Nova seems to be outgunned in comparison, as only its 3-speed transmission and rear tires can actually help it deal with the monster of a machine that is the Hoonicorn. Other than that, it has 300 or so less horsepower, an extra 597 lbs (270 kg), no forced induction, and only rear-wheel drive.

All in all, you wouldn't think the Nova could actually stand a chance. But going into the first run, the Chevy gets a perfect start and jumps ahead of the AWD Ford, which just goes to show this is quite a well-balanced car, at least for quarter-mile purposes. By the end of the race, Ken Block manages to make a recovery, but in the end, we get to see a photo finish, and the Hoonicorn crosses the line in second place.

For the second run, the tables turn, and we get the same outcome we have gotten used to, as Ken Block goes wide open throttle and finishes the race by a few car lengths ahead of his opponent. In an attempt to even the odds, the producers decide to give the Nova a small advantage, but by the time the Mustang hits sixth gear, Ken Block is once again victorious.

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