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Ken Block Goes Head to Head with Rob Dahm in a 3000 Horsepower Drag Race

Are you ready to witness one of the most anticipated and at the same time unexpected drag races of 2020? Ken Block pitches his 1400 horsepower Hoonicorn Turbo V8 Ford against Rob Dahm's 1200+ horsepower Ahura Turbo 4 Rotor Mazda, coming your way in December!
Ken Block vs Rob Dahm 4 photos
Rob Dahm vs Ken BlockKen Block Hoonicorn vs the WorldRob Dahm Mazda Ahura Turbo 4 Rotor
News about this insane upcoming drag race just made its way onto social media recently, and will most likely be part of the series called Hoonicorn vs the World, as Ken Block decided to bring his monster Turbo V8 AWD Ford Mustang back to the main scene, after having it gain huge popularity as a part of the Gymkhana series.

After destroying a McLaren Senna Merlin in Episode 1, it was only natural that the crew over at Hoonigan would find something slightly more powerful to go up against their wild creation, and this time they decided to go for a car and driver with their own global fanbase, as opposed to a random supercar.

You might have lost count of how many years it's been since Rob Dahm started building his insane AWD turbo four rotor Mazda RX-7, but it does seem like the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer by the day. The car was dyno'ed at around 1200 horsepower just two months ago, which should have the cars pretty closely matched.

Rob's Tuner over at Turblown released a bold statement about the car, refering to it as: "The fastest and most powerful non drag rotary car in the world, and only one dyno session away from claiming the most powerful rotary engine ever."

While some fans expressed their disbelief, stating that the are clearly other more powerful rotary powered vehicles out there, Rob Dahm himself quickly chimed in and noted "Curious who's the most powerful. I'll exceed it. I'm not joking or hyping for social media. It's a title I'll make sure I leave no question about. Well over 1400 hp for this race".

It does sound like this race is going to be pretty close, and even though it looks like the Mazda might have the upper edge in terms of horsepower, this car has had much less miles actually running than the Hoonicorn, but here's to hoping that reliability issues won't get in the way of the race, which should be going online around mid-December!


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