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Kawasaki’s 2021 Cross-Country And Motocross Models Look Ready To Get Dirty
Besides releasing information on its 2021 motocross lineup, including the KX450 and KX250, Kawasaki has also added two cross-country models to the KX family

Kawasaki’s 2021 Cross-Country And Motocross Models Look Ready To Get Dirty

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First and foremost, their KX450 motocross superstar is provided with a new coned disc-spring hydraulic clutch, claimed to offer a wider clutch engagement range and a lighter clutch actuation. The clutch plates received an increase in diameter and are now fitted with a modified friction material. To minimize drag when the clutch is pulled in and allow for clean separation of the discs, offset segments can be found on its friction plates.

To decrease any friction between the bike’s piston and cylinder wall, the piston skirt is coated in dry film lubricant. Kawasaki’s KX450 will also be equipped with the advanced Renthal Fatbar handlebar, featuring a lower bend than the Renthal 971 found on KX450’s predecessor. While these modifications may come across as incremental, they’ll be guaranteed to boost performance by a significant margin.

The suggested retail price for Kawasaki’s 2021 flagship motocross baby sits at $9,399. Take my money already, will you?

But just wait ‘til you see the sheer abundance of updates that its smaller KX250 sibling has to offer!

Kawasaki KX250’s liquid-cooled, single-cylinder DOHC mill received an overwhelming bunch of delightful improvements last year, but its 2021 counterpart takes that one step further. It (finally) features an electric start powered by a Skyrich lithium-ion battery. KX250’s crankshaft weight was reduced and the pressure balance inside it refined.

Its combustion chamber now has a brand new design, while the engine is also provided with a Nissin coned disc-spring hydraulic clutch, a flatter piston crown and a longer connecting rod. The firm claims the redesigned engine to deliver an additional 350rpm in comparison to 2020 KX250’s rev limit.

A new aluminum perimeter frame developed similarly to 2019’s KX450 offers an enhanced rigidity balance, as a result of wider lower frame rails, revised cross-sections on its main rails and a line for the swingarm brackets. Besides the frame’s rigidity balance, rear wheel traction is also improved by the addition of a swingarm.

Just like its 2020 counterpart, the newcomer is fitted with a KYB shock and 48mm coil-spring fork updated for the 2021 model. Linkage ratios are now identical to those of the KX450, the rear braking disc was altered and a new front master cylinder is to be found on Kawasaki’s 2021 KX250, along with the Renthal Fatbar handlebar seen on its 450cc brother, thinner radiator shrouds and a new bodywork.

It is priced at $8,299; an additional $500 in comparison to the 2020 model.

You’ve got to be kidding me. All those updates for an extra 500 bucks? Count me in.

Lastly, Kawasaki makes a debut on the cross-country two-wheeler market by delivering variants of the aforementioned models, specifically tuned for cross-country performance. KX250XC and KX450XC share their motocross cousins’ chassis, engine and frame, but offer some revised settings for optimized XC racing.

They feature 18” rear wheels wrapped in Dunlop Geomax AT81 tires, a kickstand and a skid plate, while the suspension is tuned for cross country terrain. KX250XC is priced at $8,399, its 450cc XC twin’s suggested retail price is placed at $9,599; an additional $1,200.

And that concludes them. I wonder how many championships Kawasaki’s 2021 lineup is bound to win this time.

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