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Kawasaki ZX-10R Gets Öhlins Mechatronic Suspension

The electronically-controlled units are the most advanced pieces the field of high-tech motorcycle suspensions and Öhlins is leading the way. With Ducati Multistrada and the BMW R1200GS bikes equipped straight from the factory with such mechatronic shock absorbers and riders showing sincere appreciation for this new technology, Öhlins decided it's time that the rest of the bikes got it too.
Ohlins electronically-controlled suspensions will be available for more bikes 1 photo
The first bike to get the new Öhlins electronic suspension is the Kawasaki ZX-10R, starting with the 2011 models. Based on the ZX-10R Öhlins TTX36 MkII shock, the new suspension hooks to the bike's ECU. The info coming from the Kawasaki is used by the Öhlins unit for on-the-fly adjustments which vary with different parameters, such as wheel speed, throttle position, rpm, and many more.

Öhlins claims the new mechatronic suspension can also detect and use the Riding Mode selected by the pilot and use it to adjust the damping and rebound. The new ZX-10R rear shock will retail for around $1,625 (€1,240), which is not at all cheap, but with an entirely rebuildable construction, it may prove worthy in the long run.


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