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Kawasaki Ninja H2R Owns 1200 HP Bugatti Veyron SS on the Half-Mile Strip

We've seen the street-legal Ninja H2 getting busy with other top-drawer superbikes such as the S1000RR, but it failed to impress us. At least, the road version of the supercharged Ninja was not as savage as we expected it would be.
Kawasaki Ninja H2R vs Bugatti Veyron SS 1 photo
While on par with others in terms of peak power, the Ninja H2 would most likely be a rather dull competitor when going down against some of the real mean tuned cars that populate the drag strips and airfields.

However, its track-only H2R sibling is a completely different thing, as it looks like it will pass some time until a car will be able to give it a run for its money. Until then, here's a Bugatti Veyron failing to defeat the H2R in a half-mile race.

Ninja H2R's 300 HP need 1500 horsies or more from a car to make things even

Now, when it comes to superbikes versus cars, the horsepower factor may sometimes be a bit deceiving. For most of the drivers, a 1000-hp car sounds like hell on earth. To those into drag strip racing, this is only the entry point in the segment that can hope to not be covered in shame when racing against a superbike.

We've already seen 200hp two-wheelers smoking a lot of very powerful cars, so we can only try to imagine where will the 300hp Ninja H2R stop. What is certain at this time, is that half a mile of airstrip is not enough for a Veyron in its SuperSport tuneing job and packing 1,200 hp to own the H2R.

Things are even worse (for the Veyron) as the Ninja obviously misses the start. We honestly believed the Ninja is done for, because seeing the SuperSport taking off was really impressive. We guess that the Veyron driver was as surprised as we were seeing the H2R blasting by only seconds later to claim the win in this race.

Both machines can definitely do better, so now we are waiting for an unlocked Ninja H2R doing battle over an entire mile run, to allow both engines to reach their top performance. Such a race might favor a bit the car, as the bike reached the red line much faster and will go up through the gears in a flash. Still, simply thinking about a no-limiter H2R gives us chills!


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