Kaos Superyacht Towers Over All Others With Size and Billionaire Amenities

Whenever you become a billionaire, you know that the first thing you’ve got to do is commission a superyacht. But not just any vessel will do. No, you’ve got to get yourself something like Kaos, a boat so big, it can make an entire port look like its parking spot.
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Kaos SuperyachtKaos SuperyachtKaos SuperyachtKaos SuperyachtKaos SuperyachtKaos Superyacht Aft PoolKaos Superyacht InteriorKaos Superyacht Aft Pool
The team behind the giant wonder you see is known as Oceanco, yes, the one and the same that has been featured on autoevolution before. With towering and luxurious yacht designs like the Kaos, it’s no wonder this team has become to be considered one of the most sought-after ship builders, even though they’ve only been around since 1987.

Since Oceanco is headquartered in the Netherlands, the Kaos was considered the largest vessel to come out of thi country's shypyards, at the time of its launch.. And even though 110 meters (361 ft) of ship isn’t the largest you’ll find on international waters anymore, it’s still a massive ship with accommodations for up to 30 guests. Yes, only thirty guests will have the entire ship at their disposal. Can you imagine the things that go on inside this beast?

Now, anytime a project like this is undertaken, it’s rarely the work of just one team. Yes, Oceanco built the ship, but the exterior styling and design is the work of Lobanov Design, a team established in 2007 and one that has won multiple yacht design awards since its beginning.

Kaos Superyacht
Looking at the exterior of the Kaos, you can understand why Lobanov Design is so appreciated. Long flowing lines create a sleek ship, even though it’s the size of a football field, the superstructure rises out of the ship as though it were a wave billowing out of the sea. All the while, long and extended hardtops enlarge the available surface area. The closed interior space is then balanced with large aft areas, and your guests should have no trouble happily spreading out onto multiple decks.

Interior styling is covered by Sorgiovanni Designs, a team that has a long history of working with and for Oceanco, but now runs its own operations in order to extend its beloved work to more than just a few lucky owners.

Inside the Kaos, guests are to be greeted with fine leather furnishings, solid wood trims, marble tables and walls, and a use of semiprecious metals to highlight and balance all previously mentioned elements. Throw in some LED and natural lighting, and you should already be getting an idea of what to expect from the rest of the vessel.

Kaos Superyacht Aft Pool
As far as toys and activities that may be available to guests, the sky’s the limit. Even though the Oceanco website makes no mention of what sort of features guests will have available, being a superyacht, you can expect to find entertainment and theater rooms, spas, countless pools and jacuzzies, a gym, and most certainly a toy and tender garage.

If you’re more of an outdoor type of person, the ample exterior deck space is suitable to set up everything from a dance floor to grills, lounges or just hang out by the pool on any of the countless lounge beds and pads. The only thing missing is a miniature submarine.

With toys like these and space to unfurl some wicked parties and experiences, it’s no wonder some folks will do just about anything to live this sort of lifestyle. What would you do to own something like this?


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