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Kanye West Takes Kim Kardashian to Dinner in Maybach

Who says that Maybachs are for people with more money than common sense? Kanye West has got a silver one, and he wears a sweater, tight jeans and no socks! Wait... that didn’t come out right, did it?!
What's that puddle! 1 photo
Ever since we heard from our celebrity-savvy contacts that these two have started dating, we’ve been curious what sort of cars are being used, since both Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are car collectors.

It turns out that the first clear photo we could lay our hands on has revealed a Maybach 57 luxury boat on wheels. Both celebrities are flaunting to their heart’s contempt, as they do best, and in this way their personalities math the larger-then-life German saloon.

Kim’s favorite run-around is a black Range Rover, and she also Ferrari 458 Italia. Last time we checked, Kanye has an S-Class, a G-Wagon and an SLR. The man loves his Mercs!


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