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Kanye West Sold His Custom Ripsaw EV2 Tank to the Diesel Brothers

In the second half of 2021, it became clear that, despite previous statements that he would use his West Lake Ranch in Wyoming to change the world for the better and encourage “freer thought,” rapper and businessman Kanye West wouldn’t be spending any more time there. Consequently, his vehicle fleet had to go.
Kanye West and his custom Ripsaw EV2 tank 8 photos
Kanye West and his custom Ripsaw EV2 tankKanye West's custom Ripsaw EV2 tankThe Diesel Brothers' Ripsaw tankThe Diesel Brothers' Ripsaw tankThe Diesel Brothers' Ripsaw tankThe Diesel Brothers' Ripsaw tank, bought from Kanye WestKanye West and his custom Ripsaw EV2 tank
Some months after the announcement that Kanye and Kim Kardashian were divorcing, Ye listed the property. Separately, he listed a big chunk of the fleet he’d used while he lived there with a local dealer, which ended up fetching a record amount.

For the years Ye called the ranch home, he had amassed an impressive lineup of vehicles, including custom trucks, UTVs, Sherp ATVs, and a tank. The trucks sold quickly because, apparently, there are people really eager to own something Kanye once owned, but there was no word on what happened to the tank, a custom Ripsaw EV2 that the rapper reportedly paid upwards of $500,000 because it wall all tricked out and could hit top speeds of 80 mph (129 kph).

Dave Sparks, aka Heavy D of the Diesel Brothers, tells TMZ that the tank is now in their possession. As it turns out, it’s already been put to good use in the sand – Heavy D’s social media channels also show another Ripsaw, but he doesn’t say whether it’s a different one from the black unit he bought from Kanye.

Speaking of how the deal came to be, Heavy D reveals that he, Dave Kiley (Diesel Dave), and Ye have been pals for a while since he reached out to them to customize some of his trucks. They never got around to do it, but the rapper remembered their interests so, when he wanted to unload the tank, they were among the first people he called. Since the waiting list for a Ripsaw is two years long, they jumped at the chance.

Heavy D did not say how much they ended up paying for the tank, but he does say ye offered them a “sweet deal.” His only gripe with the fearsome machine is that the dash-integrated DVD player is stuck on a K-Pop loop and the only way he can fix it is by ripping it out altogether. Who knew Ye was a fan?


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