Kahn Announces Vesuvius Edition Watch

The automotive world has huge potential for branching out into branded goods. After all, what Bentley or Ferrari owner doesn’t want to match his paintjob to the shoes he wears. But how about this for a cool idea: a banded watch from a tuner.
Kahn Vesuvius Edition Watch 6 photos
Kahn Vesuvius Edition WatchKahn Vesuvius Edition WatchKahn Vesuvius Edition WatchKahn Vesuvius Edition WatchKahn Vesuvius Edition Watch
Afzal Kahn range of aftermarket parts has achieved quite a high level of notoriety in the automotive world. The Vesuvius line is especially well known, and could justifiably be called their most successful brand.

And so, “Vesuvius” is the perfect name to give an automotive branded watch. This features a think, hand-stitched leather strap in orange, which contrasts with the black of the dial.

Similar to the way Kahn Design finishes their custom dashboard speedometers for Vesuvius cars, so too does the watch use blank numerals on the inner bezel.

This sporty watch can be yours, and thankfully it’s not going to break your budged, as it only costs £332.50. What’s more, Kahns says this Swiss-made watch has undergone rigorous tests conducted at the Swiss official chronometer testing institute.


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