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Justin Bieber Wraps Ferrari 458 in Matte Blue

Even though he's technically a very white, very skinny 19-year old boy from Ontario, Canada, Justin Bieber would have us believe through his numerous Instagram posts that's he's black, very buff and as dangerous as a rapper.
Justin Bieber Wrapps Ferrari 458 in Matte Blue 3 photos
Justin Bieber Wraps Ferrari 458 in Matte BlueJustin Bieber Wraps Ferrari 458 in Matte Blue
And while we can dispute the musical value of a couple of his verses, such as "baby baby baby uuuuu", we can't dispute the fact that he's rich.

Unlike a few rappers out there that like to boast their millions but actually rent their supercars, Bieber is the real deal and can afford spending big bucks on supercars. These have recently included a white Ferrari 458 Italia, worth from just over $200,000.

However, the Ferrari spending didn't stop when he actually bought he 458, since he recently Instagramed some shots of it wrapped in blue vinyl. Now, he won't say where this was done, but you can pretty much guess that it was West Coast Customs.

The color chosen is a light blue with a frozen tint, a bit like the one of the official Ferrari colors, but with a modern twist. But you know for sure that vinyl wrapping is going to be around forever if Justin Bieber has his Ferrari covered in the stuff.


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