Justin Bieber Spends $2,700 for a Go-Kart Session With Friends

Justin Bieber is usually seen at the wheel of his bright red Ferrari 458 or his other daily driver, the grey Audi R8. But every now and then he strips from his celebrity clothes and acts like a normal 20-year old person. It was rather about that the other day, when he took his pal, model Hailey Baldwin, along with a bunch of other friends and allegedly spend $2,700 for an after-hours go karting session.
Justin Bieber Spends $2,700 for a Go-Kart Session With Friends 1 photo
Come to think about it, there might be a bright side about this whole young-celebrities-going-wild story. The younger they become famous, the less they care about the money they spend around. In a way, they set an example: live your life, spend what you make, stop filling up those bank accounts.

Moreover, for some reason, it feels like these young celebrities have this constant urge to give back at least some of what they have, sharing their success with normal people. This can’t be a bad thing. This is probably why Justin Bieber spend that amount of money for just a couple of hours of normal fun.

Now, the Never Say Never hitmaker has been spending quite some time with the younger side of the Kardashian family. Whether it’s Kendall or Kylie Jenner, it would seem he is quite close to the "K fever". And since Hailey Baldwin is also part of this small group, it’s quite possible they were all together when he went for the go-kart track.

In other words, we’re actually looking at a group of really young, very rich and extremely famous people that for once decided to leave all those luxury SUVs and hundred-thousand-dollar sportscars behind and enjoy a bit of normal fun-fun time. This, we like.


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