Justin Bieber Poses Next to His Leopard-Wrap Audi R8: Thinking of Yovanna?

Justin Bieber's R8 1 photo
Photo: Justin Bieber's Instagram
Pop star Justin Bieber recently posted an image of him leaning to his Audi R8 he got wrapped in Jaguar looks, over at West Coast Customs last year. Considering last time he drove it it was when he took Yovanna Ventura for a quick fast-food launch, we’re wondering if he met the model for another spin.
We already told you guys the whole story about Justin’s strange Audi R8, so there’s no need for us to repeat that we don't like the wrap. But we’ll say it anyway! It’s awful, it’s even too ugly for a pop star to take to the streets!

Bieber’s leopard-ish Audi was no doubt welcomed with a lot of criticism last year when he fist was seen driving it. And like the last time, fans found out that it’s supposed to match one of his favorite shoe-trouser combinations. Sorry, we still don’t dig it.

Honestly, it’s a mid-engine 2-seater sports car based to the Lamborhini Gallardo platform that packs a V10 FSI engine with two turbocharges rated at 602 horsepower. If we were to recall old school measurements, it’s like you’d have 602 horses pulling that car at the same time. How can you even compare that to only one Jaguar? Ok, maybe it’s a bit farfetched, but still, why that wrap? Why?
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