Justin Bieber Gets 1965 Lincoln Continental for His 21st Birthday from Friends

A lot of people on the planet are celebrating the first day of spring this Sunday, but for a bunch of teenagers who are still looking for an idol 1st of March is the day when Justin Bieber finally becomes legal. We mean he’s celebrating his 21st anniversary, of course, a perfect moment to receive a beautiful 1965 Lincoln Continental from your rich friends.
Justin Bieber driving his new 1965 Lincoln Continental 3 photos
Justin Bieber Gets 1965 Lincoln Continental for His 21st BirthdayJustin Bieber Gets 1965 Lincoln Continental for His 21st Birthday
Like it or not, Justin Drew Bieber went quite a long way from the moment his videos on YouTube would make his current manager Scooter Braun want to pay the Canadian’s mom a phone call. Sure, his full-length studio album My World 2.0 was as popular, as it was hated by a lot of pop-music fans out there. Let us not forget, that his single “Baby” is, as of July 2014, the YouTube video with the most dislikes and the most views on Vevo platform ever.

Judging by the number of followers the Canadian youngster has – over 40 million followers on Twitter and over 23 million on Instagram – we could assume he’s also surrounded by a lot of actual friends. Whether the last is true or not is out of our jurisdiction, but we can tell you this: having rich friends with great tastes in cares sure pays off, no matter how famous you are.

Yes, for his 21st anniversary Justin Bieber received a classic Lincoln. The Believe singer has been spotted taking his new ride on the road along the Beauty And A Beat’s friends John and Sammy Shahidi the other day. It appears the brothers purchased the classic for $20,000 then had some proper tuning work done to it for several months before they would gift it to him.

Well, there goes our love for gangster’s rides… Thank you Bieber, for ruining yet another car for us!


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