Justin Bieber Arrested After Crashing ATV into Paparazzi's Minivan

Since Justin Bieber has already determined the American authorities to arrest him (for pulling both the street racing and the driving under the influence moves), the singer apparently couldn’t resist the temptation to do something that would have him taken into custody in his home country, Canada.
Justin Bieber on an ATV 1 photo
Bieber got arrested on Friday after crashing his ATV into a paparazzi-driven minivan, as TMZ writes. It seems that the 20-year-old was riding the ATV in Perth County, Ontario when he decided to teach the paparazzo a lesson. According to the police, Bieber and the photographer had an altercation prior to the accident. The singer was charged with assault and dangerous driving.

On the same day, Bieber was photographed while riding an ATV together with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, with the pics being snapped in Ontario, in the proximity of his father’s home.

The singer was taken to the station but he was later released and will have to appear before a judge on September 29.

We’ll remind you that Bieber is currently on probation after the Los Angeles fiasco we mentioned in the intro. What this means is that, besides the obvious consequences of the recent happening, the arrest could also be considered as a violation, which would bring massive legal issues for Bieber.


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