Just Two Snowmobiles Casually Jumping Over a Boat

Even though some might strongly disagree, winter is a great time for motorized fun, on two or three wheels, and especially on tracks. Now, the same reasons why some believe that snow and motorcycles don’t mix well together could be invoked to argue against a game involving snowmobiles and water. Water in its liquid state of aggregation, that is, to be extremely precise.
Two sled riders showing the world who's the boss 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
Now, we know that most snowmobiles would float in water when flooring the gas. The thrust effect generated by their huge tracks creates a forward force strong enough to push the sled on the surface of the water. The front skis are also a very important element in this type of fun, as they add a bit to the floatability of the snowmobile.

Skis act like a prow, the track is the propeller

In fact, the wide front skis of a snowmobile act like the prow of a ship, and help the front end stay above the water, provided that the track is ensuring enough push force in its role as a propeller. Again, this means a high-revving engine whipped as hard as possible for dear life. Let the throttle go, and down you go, with the sled most likely sliding towards the bottom of the lake or river.

Now, if all this sounds like a fairly easy task, how about adding a dash of crazy to the whole deal? In this case, throw in two ramps on the shore of the river and have a thrill-seeking friend ride a boat while the sleds jump over it.

Sounds completely crazy, right? It may be, but this is doable and looks awesome! And it looks like this is even safer than having your KTM swallowed by a pond of melted snow

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