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Junkyard Hidden From Civilization Is Loaded With Japanese Cars, R34 Skyline Included

When it comes to car junkyards, we usually think about really old vehicles that have been left to rot away as they became obsolete. But some junkyards also include cars that are barely 30 years old. Like this small Japanese car graveyard, which is also home to cars you wouldn't normally expect to find like this.
Japanese junkyard 6 photos
Japanese junkyardJapanese junkyardJapanese junkyardJapanese junkyardJapanese junkyard
Documented by YouTube's "SAMMIT," this place is not your average junkyard. Not only most of the cars abandoned here were built in the 1990s and 2000s, but many of them are of the race-spec variety. And based on the way they look, they've been parked here after they've been wrecked on the race track.

Located somewhere in the mountains of Gifu, Japan, this mini junkyard is pretty much hidden from civilization. Perhaps the owner doesn't need the attention, but some of these cars could definitely be saved.

Fans of Japanese rigs will immediately recognize a few iconic vehicles, like the Subaru Impreza and the Mazda RX-7. And I'm not talking about mundane iterations of these nameplates. The junkyard is also home to an STI, as well as a race-spec, third-generation RX-7.

The latter appears to be a D1GP car that was raced sometime in the mid-2000s. And even though it doesn't look all that bad and still rocks its colorful livery, it's been stripped off and won't go anywhere anytime soon.

There's also a second-generation RX-7, a Nissan S15, and a Toyota AE86 (not the iconic Sprinter Trueno GT, though). Interestingly enough, a Suzuki Alto works race car was also abandoned here, complete with bucket seats and other track-oriented goodies.

The Nisan R34 Skyline is another unexpected surprise. Yes, it's a four-door sedan and not the desirable GT-R version, but it's a car that doesn't deserve to rot away like this. Especially since Nissan didn't make too many of them from 1998 to 2001.

But you'll also see a modern Porsche 911 in that sea of Japanese cars. Sadly, it's not in better condition than the rest. It's been through a serious crash and the flat-six engine behind the seats is gone. Probably won't be moved too soon.

Hit the play button below to check them all out and let me know which car you'd take home to restore and why.

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