Jumping, Burning, Car-Crushing RAM TRX Is Stock Again Because It Has Buyers

Ford F-150 Raptor fans probably started watching this series because they enjoyed seeing the competition's truck being ripped to pieces (or maybe because there was a Raptor giveaway?), but even their hearts must have been won over by the stoic TRX.
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RAM 1500 TRXRAM 1500 TRXRAM 1500 TRXRAM 1500 TRX
The RAM truck has been through a lot - from the misjudged jump that saw it fly high and long before crash landing nose-first into the ground to entertaining a small fire directly on its hood and windshield. Yet, no matter how little consideration for its wellbeing Mike, the owner, shows, it's still ready to play after each of these torture sessions that would have brought lesser vehicles on their knees.

All the important bits are indeed working - and even some of the not so vital ones such as the heated seats and steering wheel - but the exterior of this RAM 1500 TRX has seen better days. The front panels are almost completely missing, and the bumper is barely holding on. It's also in dire need of a wash after throwing almost literal tons of dirt in the air thanks to its 44-inch mud boggers each mounted using eight wheel spacers.

Since the windows weren't necessarily closed during all that mudslinging, the interior is only slightly less dirty than the exterior. And don't even think about cleaning the windshield with the wipers - after all, they have been through a fire. All things considered, you could say it has character, but that's probably the only positive spin you could put on its current state.

And yet somebody out there wants to buy it. Mike has received several offers and, after filtering the fake ones, it turns out a few of them are actually genuine. However, before he even begins to think about parting with the truck, there is at least one last thing he'd like to do: take it to a dealership to have it serviced.

To do it, he needs to remove the off-road wheels and mount back the stock ones. Otherwise, the service personnel will instantly see through the prank, and that wouldn't be half as funny as attempting to keep a straight face while they inspect the TRX trying to figure out what must have caused all the damage. 100 bucks says they won't even guess half of it.

The tires also have to come off in the event of selling the truck, so removing them made sense in this scenario too. Mike hasn't made up his mind about it, and the $15,000 offer he has received isn't exactly one he can't refuse.

If you ask us, though, the actual buyer should be RAM Trucks. If the company had any sense, it would take it off Mike's hands for a decent sum, take it back to their workshops, and study the effect everything it's been through has had on every part. For instance, just by watching the videos, they could come up with an improvement: more solid 12v battery mounts.

If you, like us, were getting used to the 44-inch tires mounted on the TRX, hit the play button below for what is possibly the last chance to see them in action.

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