Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Might Be the Sexiest Sportscar at Geneva 2014

Everybody knows the E-Type coupe is one of the best looking cars, not of its time but in general. Its iconic shape still resonates with many people, and we're not just talking about old-timer car collectors. Supposedly, you can't improve on perfection, and yet that's exactly what Jaguar has done here.
Jugular F-Type R Coupe 12 photos
Photo: Stefan Baldauf / Robert Kah
Jugular F-Type R CoupeJugular F-Type R CoupeJugular F-Type R CoupeJugular F-Type R CoupeJugular F-Type R CoupeJugular F-Type R CoupeJugular F-Type R CoupeJugular F-Type R CoupeJugular F-Type R CoupeJugular F-Type R CoupeJugular F-Type R Coupe
This is the Geneva Motor Show and that white beauty you are looking at is the F-Type Coupe. If you're a frequent reader, you know we're not showing you a brand new car. You know it's been around the block and was featured in Super Bowl commercials. But can you blame a fellow for loving such an amazing body?

Even though it's not a debut, the F-Type R is so much cooler than all the other Jags on show. Because let's face it, everybody knows what a Jaguar should look like and it's this exact shape. Calling it the sexist sportscar in Geneva is not accurate. There are others in the super-sports segment that demand more respect or are more skillfully crafted. There isn't even any carbon fiber on the Jag. But we bet you a pint of cold Swiss beer you can't show us a prettier creature that you can buy for £85,000. Yes, that's how much, or should we say how little, you have to pay to get this exact model, the 550 horsepower R, which is the flagship model of the range.

Compared to the roadster, it's a superior car all round. For starters, it has a big boot. It's also about 20 kg lighter like-for-like and is 80% stiffer and if you ignore the R  model it's also cheaper.

We don't think you can really get supercar levels of performance like Jaguar claims, but you can get supercar levels of fun and soul. In case you're a numbers kind of guy, here are the official specs to drool over:

• 5.0 Litre V8 550 Supercharged. 680Nm torque at 3,500rpm
• 0-60mph in 4.0 seconds. Top speed 186mph
• Electronic Active Differential with Torque Vectoring by braking
• Unique R-styling
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