Joy Tiny House With Two High-Comfort Lofts Boasts an Amazing Outdoor-Indoor Flow

Can you enjoy “glamping” without actually going camping? You could, if you owned something like this remarkable tiny home that blurs the line between the outside and the inside, for boosting social interactions, a heightened feeling of freedom, and overall fun.
Joy tiny house is meant to be a lovely vacation home 16 photos
Photo: Build Tiny
Joy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny HouseJoy Tiny House
We haven’t seen a Build Tiny creation that we didn’t like. This New Zealand-based builder breaks the norm with each new tiny house model, always revealing an inspiring layout, creative solutions, and an immaculate interior style. The recent tour of their latest custom build, the Joy tiny house, confirms it once again.

On the outside, most of the Build Tiny dwellings look almost the same, and seem simple. Throughout the years, the team has developed a trailer based on the one that’s locally made by Bay Engineering Solutions (BES), with a chassis and a detachable steel frame. The main advantages of this trailer are that it’s much easier to maneuver and that it can be used for other tasks when the house is not being used, because it’s easy to remove it from underneath.

Joy was built on a trailer that’s 2.7-meter (8.8 feet) wide and 7.8-meter (25.5 feet) long. That’s particularly important because it allowed the integration of two loft bedrooms with enough space for people to stand and walk. That’s pretty rare for tiny homes that really are tiny. Thanks to the house’s width, the designers were able to rotate the mattresses so that each occupant can easily get out of the bed or make the bed.

Joy Tiny House
Photo: Build Tiny
And it’s even more impressive that this was achieved for both lofts. As a result, all four occupants can enjoy cozy bedrooms that don’t feel crowded or suffocating.

The family of four that will be enjoying this beautiful house wanted Joy to be a fun vacation home. “Bach” is the term used in New Zealand to describe a small beach house. Joy is inspired by bachs, which means that it’s oriented mostly towards short-term living, but it’s just as comfortable and practical as a full-time home.

Unlike most tiny homes that are meant to be permanent dwellings, Joy doesn’t focus so much on storage space, as it does on living and entertainment areas. According to Build Tiny, the expansive windows were one of the main elements that helped create this seamless “outdoor-indoor flow.” They don’t just flood the space with an abundance of natural light, but they’re also strategically placed.

Joy Tiny House
Photo: Build Tiny
A large window connects the kitchen with the outside. The owners can enjoy every meal looking at the gorgeous view, and the versatile design allows flexibility when it comes to seating arrangements. Looking outside, you’ll notice an unusual addition – a detachable counter made of wood, which is a simple, but effective way of creating an extra space for socializing, while also connecting with the inside.

Another window brings light and fresh air into the living area, which features a large sofa that can welcome all the family members. The two bedrooms also have plenty of natural light thanks to the windows, in addition to already being spacious.

Like all of the Build Tiny homes, Joy boasts a beautiful interior style. The neutral colors, warm plywood, and calm atmosphere were apparently a must for the owner, who wanted a peaceful getaway from his busy day job. Indeed, Joy does look like the perfect vacation home that doesn’t take anything away from the natural surroundings, but rather enhances their effect.

Joy Tiny House
Photo: Build Tiny
Few tiny houses have two lofts, and even fewer have ones in which you can stand and walk. Add to that the clever use of large windows, the serene decor, and the well thought-out layout, and you’ve got a gorgeous vacation tiny home that seems to open up and embrace the surroundings. Who needs glamping, with a home like that?

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