Josh Duhamel Rocks a Silver Jeep Wrangler

He is a well known American actor and a former fashion model that married Black Eyed Peas’ duchess, the talented and beautiful Fergie. Josh Duhamel, one of Hollywood’s most sought out actors was recently spotted in Brentwood while getting into his Jeep Wrangler.
Josh Duhamel Drives a Jeep Wrangler 6 photos
Josh Duhamel Drives a Silver Jeep WranglerJosh Duhamel Drives a Silver Jeep WranglerJosh Duhamel Drives a Silver Jeep WranglerJosh Duhamel Drives a Silver Jeep WranglerJosh Duhamel Drives a Silver Jeep Wrangler
The 41 year-old actor opted for a silver color for his off-road SUV instead of the traditional black or white and we have to say it looked pretty good. The aforementioned vehicle is one luxurious off-road car that promises comfort, space, refinement as well as performance.

It comes with numerous features, the interior design offering heated leather-trimmed front seats, illuminated cup holders plus a large number of gadgets such as Uconnect 430N System with entertainment features and automatic temperature controls. Of course, these are just a few examples of what this vehicle brings to the table.

Concerning the exterior, we’re dealing with a rugged yet very appealing look. Being an off-road SUV, the car has numerous top configurations for outdoor adventures. Drivers can choose from a number of options for the wheels and tires as well as doors (removable, full-framed doors with roll-up windows and removable half-framed doors featuring manual locks). As we’re talking about a famous brand , it was only natural to have the company pay great attention to details and offer car enthusiasts one great SUV.

So, we can understand why the “Transformers” star chose such a ride as he seems to be the type that likes a little adventure. Moreover, being a spacious and comfortable vehicle, it is well suited for a family as well. And, since him and Fergie are the proud parents of a baby boy, we can definitely say that it is the right car for him.

Source: Zimbio


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