Josh Duhamel Loads Furniture in His Sierra Denali

He is certainly one of Hollywood’s most sought-after talents, Josh Duhamel is one actor that isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. The famous 41 year-old star was seen moving some furniture from his house and loading it in his GMC Sierra Denali in Brentwood, California. Yes, it appears that Josh preferred to do things all by himself and decided not to opt for a any moving service.
Josh Duhamel Drives a Sierra Denali 7 photos
Josh Duhamel Drives a GMC CanyonJosh Duhamel Drives a GMC CanyonJosh Duhamel Drives a GMC CanyonJosh Duhamel Drives a GMC CanyonJosh Duhamel Drives a GMC CanyonJosh Duhamel Drives a GMC Canyon
So, a midsize pickup truck is the best option for such an activity. Concerning the GMC Sierra Denali, we’re talking about a pretty nice ride, one fitting of Josh as he has always seemed like the type to go for roughness instead of an all-time classic. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, not at all.

A good pick-up truck is always to be appreciated, especially when it comes to its usefulness. Still, that doesn’t mean it lacks comfort or a intriguing design. As it was to be expected, the company has also made the GMC Sierra Denali conformable and stylish, offering drivers numerous features that will certainly make the said vehicle even more appealing. It is among the most luxurious pick up trucks on the market, this 2005-2006 model promising a 345-horsepower 6.0-liter LQ9 V8 engine.

On the outside, the car distinguishes itself by the chrome honeycomb-style grille, smooth front fascia and project-beam headlights. So, we’re talking about a truck that combines powertrain enhancements with luxurious features. Well, it seems that Josh sure knows his pickup trucks.

Source: Zimbio


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