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Jorge Lorenzo Promises He'll Keep Fighting for the 2016 Title with Yamaha

We're not sure who told Jorge Lorenzo to record the message in the video below. It may have been his manager or his team, but either way, it is a bit funny.
Rossi vs Lorenzo will make the 2016 MotoGP championship more exciting 1 photo
And that is because it sounds like a rather unnecessary new assurance from Lorenzo that he is still heart and soul together with Yamaha, when we all know that things aren't exactly like this. Despite the corporate communication patterns, Lorenzo's departure from Yamaha doesn't occur in the most friendly of terms.

Now, this doesn't mean that Yamaha hates him and wants him gone, but the way things developed after Sepang clearly showed that they're not exactly willing to go over the top to retain him.

Lorenzo knows that the current bike, with all the setup changes that can be performed on it, is the best he will ever get from Yamaha until the end of the season, the race at Valencia. In a way, as one of our buddies told us, this video can also be interpreted as a boost of self-confidence for Lorenzo.

Most likely, Yamaha will not have JL99 testing new parts for the YZR-M1, leaving them for Rossi in the official IRTA tests and the test riders in the private ones. Lorenzo can still win with the current bike, so his claims are not to be taken lightly.

He will even go that extra mile to claim as many victories, if not even the title, in an attempt to show Yamaha what they are letting go. Still, it looks like Iwata is more preoccupied with bringing the best replacement for him on the team than weeping for the past.

While Lorenzo IS facing a bit of a gamble at Ducati, Yamaha looks rather serene with Rossi, who can ride spectacularly and is more determined than ever to win. Likewise, the M1, probably the best bike on the grid, has only one enemy, and that is Marc Marquez.

As for the new rider, whether Yamaha will have Suzuki's Maverick Vinales, or Iannone, or Pedrosa (yes, the rumor mill spins and spins), or someone else as a teammate for Rossi, they look pretty confident that this was the best they could possibly do now.

Something tells us that the 2016 MotoGP is only going to become a fiercer competition...


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