Jordan Peterson’s Tweet Relates Personal Responsibility to Autonomous Cars

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Some people think Jordan Peterson is a right-wing villain that deserves no credit at all. Others believe he is some sort of deity with the mission of defeating communists on Earth. For everyone in between, he is just a man who is brave enough to expose what he thinks in a way that makes sense, whether they agree with him or not. It was a surprise to see what he thinks about cars and vehicle ownership in a random tweet.
Peterson shared his thoughts while retweeting an article from Bjorn Lomborg. The Swedish writer does not believe climate change will be as catastrophic as scientists say, although he acknowledges it is happening.

Lomborg was discussing electric cars and the fact that Allegra Stratton drives a diesel vehicle. She is Boris Johnson’s climate spokeswoman, and his government wants to promote electric cars, which some see as a paradox.

Interestingly, the original tweet from Lomborg has very little to do with what Peterson wanted to say. Check his message below.

Apart from the “environmental outrage” Peterson raises, all else he said has to do with personal responsibility and freedom of choice.

The clinical psychologist’s theory is interesting and deeply related to the pursue of autonomous cars. While the main excuse for these vehicles is that they will save us time and allow us to do more valuable things when we are in a car, another one states traffic will be much safer when people are not in charge because we are fallible.

If you think it through, so are machines. Computers can have glitches; cameras can get dirty; radars can stop working. Nothing ensures an automated vehicle will be safer than a properly trained human driver who pays attention while driving.

Another question Peterson asks is if personal mobility would be allowed. If automobiles were invented right now, would we be authorized to own them and drive them around? Who would get to decide that?

Peterson seems to believe people would be left with few options when it comes to moving around. We would have to walk, ride a bike, or use public transportation, which are not always the best choices. It would be nice that we kept the right for personal transportation showing humans can drive safely, using cars rationally and sustainably. Although we have that chance every single day, many want to prove precisely the opposite. Peterson is right to be concerned.
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