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Johnny Depp Drives a Dodge Challenger in Dior Sauvage Perfume Ad – Video

Dior Sauvage. To men who have much better things to do than care about the newest fragrance from Dior, it means nothing. But to petrolheads, the French luxury goods company struck gold with the following ad, starring Johnny Depp driving in the desert.
Johnny Depp driving a Dodge Challenger in Dior Sauvage perfrume ad 1 photo
Before we start to talk about the car and all, let us clear things up to those who don't know who Johnny Depp is. Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – do any of these movies ring a bell to you? What they have in common is Johnny Depp, an acclaimed actor that boasts a Hollywood Walk of Fame star and a great passion for blues music.

Oh, the blues. Everybody's into the blues, more or less. It's no wonder that the Dior Sauvage commercial you can watch below starts with Johnny Depp playing slide guitar on a Gibson Les Paul. Of course, that's not a live act, but a tune written and performed by Ry Cooder. YouTube "Paris, Texas." You'll love this song!

After a little bit of faux-playing Ry Cooder on the guitar, Johnny Depp throws the musical instrument like he doesn't care, then jumps into an old school Dodge Challenger in the middle of the night. Driving till the break of dawn, Johnny then meets some buffalos on the street, in the middle of the desert.

Then he puts the gear lever in park, gets a shovel from the trunk, starts digging a hole in the ground and buries the jewelry he is wearing, because why not? Oh, and while he's digging, a coyote leaps on the roof of the retro muscle car for no apparent reason. What the hell is going on here? We don't know what either.

Considering that Johnny Depp ends his role in the Dior Sauvage ad with "I can feel it. It's magic. Sauvage," the mystery is even greater. Heck, we don't actually care what the Hollywood actor is mumbling about here.

If you're more interested in the Sauvage perfume from Dior than the actor or badass muscle car, then you might want to know that it is inspired by "wild, open spaces; blue sky that covers rocky landscapes; hot under the desert sun." That does sound a little bit like an old movie called HWY: An American Pastoral, which sees The Doors frontman Jim Morrison drive in the Mojave Desert in 1969. Minus the acid trip, of course.

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