John McGuinness Receives £120 Penalty for Taking His Daughter Out of School to Watch the TT

John McGuinness received a £120 (€166 or $186) fine, or penalty notice from the school where his daughter Masie learns. The board of the Great Wood Primary school in Morecambe motivates the action by saying that Masie McGuinness had been already granted another leave for a trip to Australia and that they didn't see the new request as a circumstance worthy to be taken seriously.
John McGuinness in the 2015 Senior TT 1 photo
The 43-year-old rider has just scored his 23rd victory in the Isle of Man TT with his recent 132.701 mph (213.515 km/h) lap earlier in June and declared to local newspaper Morecambe Visitor that he is always taking his entire family to the TT.

"The TT is the biggest, most dangerous thing for me and I have my family around me for it. I do a mainly risky job, you can’t concentrate without your family around you, they are my rock, I need them around me in situations like this.

My dad goes to the TT and most of the family are in the Isle of Man so I can’t leave the kids with nobody. When we are there my wife takes the children everywhere, to museums, so they are learning all the time. For as long as I am riding they will be there,"
McGuinness added.

Mr. Pint knew a fine was coming from the council, yet he accepted the consequences of his action.

According to visordown, John McGuinness knew very well that his action will be followed by a sanction. Even though the fine is more like a warning and is small, compared to other sanctions, McGuinness is only puzzled because the money will apparently go to the local funds and not to the school, as he sees fit.

"I just can’t understand why the money doesn’t go back into the school," he says.

Leaving aside the decision to take his daughter out of school temporarily, it would be interesting to know what's the readers' opinion as to where the money goes.


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