John McGuinness Promised $1.4M Mugen Electric Bike If He Loses Weight

John McGuinness was promised a $1.4 million Mugen electric motorcycle if he loses more than 10 kilos (22.1 lbs) before the 2016 edition of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy. And it looks like he's considering ways to keep the bike...
Mugen Shinden Yon electric bike 1 photo
Being rather short and lightweight are advantages if you plan to become a motorcycle racer. The smaller stature allows one to tuck better behind the windscreen and become one with the bike generating less drag.

At the same time, being among the thin fellows means that the bike's engine, or, in this case, motor, has to haul less weight, translating to faster acceleration, more efficient braking, and higher top speed. In fewer words, the skinnier the rider, the better a bike's performance.

Well, John McGuinness is not exactly what we'd call thin guy. The Morecambe Missile, 43, once said that his weight helps him keep the bike on the ground, but Team Mungen's latest incentive made him reconsider.

McGuinness and Mugen won two Zero Challenge TTs

John McGuinness is, in a way, the star of Team Mugen. He won the last two Zeo Challenge TTs with Shinden machinery, and almost matched the pace of the 650cc Lightweight bikes around the Snaefell Mountain.

The 23-time TT winner got close to the magical 120 mph (193.08 km/h) lap, and this spells amazing evolution for the electric motorcycle class. Team Mugen boss approached Mr. Pint and told him that one of the Shinden machines will be his, should he be able to lose 10 kilos (22 pounds) before the TT.

Needless to say, John McGuinness isn't THAT keen on starting a diet and working out, saying that gym depresses him, and he is a much better racer when he's happy.

Team Mugen initially said that the weigh-in should better take place at the end of the month, but McGuinness said there was no way he could do that, especially after the winter holidays, and asked for another deadline.

He even considers a liposuction, but we don't know if this method is agreed by Mugen. In the end, missing kilos are missing kilos and they should do the trick. “They originally wanted the weigh-in to be the end of this month, but there’s no chance of that so soon after eating all that turkey after Christmas, so I’m going to try and put it off for as long as possible. I worked it out though and it’s only about £8000 for liposuction, so if I get stuck it’s a lot cheaper than losing a million quid bike!” McGuinness tells MCN.

This is going to be a funny one and we'll keep an eye on the matter. Below is an Isle of Man TT lap with McGuinness aboard the Mugen Shinden. What would you do for a million-dollar electric bike?


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