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John McGuinness Believes Guy Martin Will Return to Racing

"He’ll come back, I know he will," legendary road racer John McGuinness says speaking about another iconic rider, Guy Martin. Last year, Martin announced that he would not take part in any racing event in 2016, focusing on other projects.
Martin and McGuinness 1 photo
In January, Guy Martin confirmed his decision to quit racing, albeit he never mentioned that this pause would be a definitive one. After 11 years of road racing mixed with his job as a lorry mechanic and TV series, Martin had said he "fancied a change of scenery."

Still, McGuinness believes that Martin will return to motorcycle racing, chasing a TT victory in the Isle of Man. Martin stepped on the TT podium on no less than 15 occasions but a victory in the Islan still eludes him.

Mr. Pint says that it's not at all uncommon that road racers take one or even two years off to "cool down" and reevaluate some aspects in their lives. Likewise, he adds, it's not uncommon to see them returning stronger and in better form.

McGuinness gives the famous Mike Hailwood as an example, with his return to motorcycle racing after an 11-year hiatus. Back then, almost nobody thought that Hailwood still had what it takes to race in the Isle of Man, and especially in the Formula I class, as the big-displacement segment was called back then.

Still, Hailwood not only looked stronger than ever before, but he also claimed a resounding victory aboard the Ducati 900SS. "I think he’ll be back though, people often have a year out, or even two years out. Mike Hailwood had 11 years out and came back and won. It could even make him stronger. There’ll just be more hype when he does come back as it’ll be another big story. He’s achieved all his records and the rest of the stuff he’s been doing but he’s not won a TT so that must be absolutely tearing him inside out. It’s got to be. He’s managed to achieve all his other records but this one has eluded him."
Martin breaking records
Not separated from motorcycles for good, Martin named breaking some records among the things he was considering this year, alongside other "unscripted" TV shows. Also, he added taking part in one of the world's toughest bicycle races, the Tour Divide, a 2,700-mile (4,350 km) competition starting in Canada and with a finish line in Mexico.

He kept his word and already broke the record for the fastest wall of death ride in the world. He was clocked at 78.15 mph (125.74 km/h), also on the largest wall of death to date, measuring 120 feet (39 meters) in diameter.

Recently, he pitted his Tyco BMW S1000RR superbike against the Red Bull Formula 1 car driven by the legendary David Coulthard as part of a thrilling and fun competition hosted by Channel 4 and the Silverstone circuit. Channel 4 also has more "Speed with Guy Martin" features in preparation.


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