Jetson Aero Takes Over Tuscany’s Breathtaking Hills in Awesome New Footage

Jetson One went on a new trip, this time in Tuscany, Italy 9 photos
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Summer vacations could look entirely different if you admired the view from high above while flying in your personal jet. This is no longer just a fantasy, thanks to Jetson, a Swedish aerospace company. Its revolutionary eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) has become extremely popular even before its official public presentation. A new video gives us a taste of what it’s like to be the pilot of this unique personal jet.
When Jetson first released a video of its futuristic aircraft flying through the woods, people went crazy for it. After all, there are many eVTOLs out there, but Jetson One seems to indeed be the only one that acts as a personal aircraft. It’s not an air taxi, but something that anyone can pilot themselves and enjoy on their own, anywhere and anytime. Then, it was time for the electric aircraft to demonstrate flying above the water, and it was just as thrilling.

Now, the company is gearing up for the first public unveiling of the Jetson One. In preparation for that, it gave us a glimpse of new footage that shows the jet flying over a gorgeous landscape in Tuscany, Italy. And it looks like probably one of the best ways to enjoy such a beautiful location.

Although getting a partially-assembled private jet at your doorstep doesn’t sound like the safest option, it’s actually possible due to advancements in technology. This electric aircraft is much more complex than it seems, boasting a triple-redundant flight computer, advanced features such as terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance, plus several emergency functions, including a rapid-deployment parachute. Its eight motors are powerful enough to take it to 63 mph (102 kph).

Jetson One’s presentation was certainly convincing since it was sold out for 2022 by the end of last year. Paying $92,000 for your zero-emissions personal jet seems like a small price. It’s certainly a dream come true for many folks, and it will perhaps become even more popular once it enters production.

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