Jet-Powered Mini Cooper Crashes at First Turn, Resembles Wacky Races

People always brag about the Mini’s go-kart handling. Truth be told, we never found the otherwise enjoyable little machine to be that close to an actual kart to mention this. Nevertheless, today we’ve came across the ultimate proof that the Mini Cooper doesn’t handle like a go-kart. At leas not when it has a jet engine strapped to its posterior.
Jet-Powered Mini Cooper Crashes 1 photo
Yes, somebody actually built a jet-powered Mini and tried to throw it at the Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk, UK. This track has been around for over six decades now, but the times when it has seen such contraptions have been rare.

One of the reasons for this is that jet-powered cars are not specifically good at going through the twisties. As you’ll be able to see in the clip below, a 90-degree corner blessed by the sweet British rain is enough to send this hatchback into the barrier on the side of the track.

Did we say “into the barrier”? We meant to use “through the barrier”, since the momentum gained with the help of the jet engine sent the car flying through the metal.

As an interesting side event, we can see a race between two emergency vehicles. We are talking about a pair of BMWs that rush to reach the crashed Mini. We’re not sure the cars are what they seem, but it looks like the M4 beats the SAC to the scene, despite the “race” taking place on the grass.

PS: perhaps they should turn to DIY man Colin Furze for some help with the jet part, he's pretty good at this kind of contraptions.

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