Jet Fuel Is an Affordable "E-BMX" Meant To Bring Back to Good Old Days for Under $1K

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Photo: Hyper Bicycles Inc
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There's a saying where I'm from: God's garden is great. What it means is that there are all sorts of freakish things happening on this Earth, and one of them is the subject of this article.
Folks, what you're looking at has been dubbed the Jet Fuel, and as you can clearly see, it's a BMX and a rather showy one at that. However, looks can be deceiving, and I say this with the utmost excitement because this bugger is nothing more than a city-ready e-bike. Yes, an urban EV built around a BMX frame with 26-inch tires.

If an e-bike with electronic components sounds odd to you, it will all make sense if you consider the team that's behind this cycling amalgam, none other than Hyper Bicycles. If this crew sounds familiar, it's because we've featured their works several times before. Considering this crew has been around since 1990 when BMX Pro Clay Goldsmid decided he would "support" the BMX industry by bringing forth the gear he felt would be what riders are looking for. Today, their lineup also includes MTBs; as times change, so do tastes.

Speaking of tastes, let's get back to the Jet Fuel and see all that awaits you for no more than $998 (€985 at current exchange rates) without shipping. Yes, that's all you're being asked to drop on this trinket, and we're here to explore if it's worth it. Actually, considering it's an e-bike, we'll be exploring a tad more than just that.

Jet Fuel E\-Bike Motor
Photo: Hyper Bicycles Inc
As I mentioned, the Fuel is set upon a BMX frame as a base. With that come certain rules, some of which have been broken by Hyper. One of those rules is tire size. Instead of using classic 20-inch tires, Hyper decided to extend capabilities to surfaces beyond parks with 26-inch, multi-surface tires. What does this mean for a cyclist? It means that you can take things off-road, on-road, any road. Well, almost; you do need to consider frame strength and geometry. However, urban settings and some light track work are all you should take on. Since the tires are also fat ones, featuring a 4-inch cross-section, they'll be the only point of suspension for your glutes.

Diving further into all that is the Fuel, I was able to discover a tad about why this bike costs how much it does, and a lot of that has to do with capability. While it may not sound like much, once the 36-volt, 10.4-amp-hour battery is coupled with the 250-watt rear hub motor you see shining through, you'll only be able to ride this multicolor wonder for a mere 20 miles (32 kilometers). After all, there had to be some downsides to this sort of price. But, there is still hope. The battery seems to be a removable one, so in truth, if you pick up another pack for $200, you'll double your range.

Jet Fuel E\-Bike Hanldebar
Photo: Hyper Bicycles Inc
Regarding more information on the motor, there isn't much shown on the manufacturer's website. Nonetheless, motors like these tend to be more than enough for urban EV riders. Once coupled with the 1X drivetrain that Hyper throws on, the only thing you'll need to do is pedal; there's no need for shifting gears.

The rest of the bike is fit in traditional BMX style, with everything from the seat, pedals, and even top tube padding to help softens any blows the family treasure chest may end up taking if you decide to get wild. Let's hope you don't ever need to exploit the abilities of the latter feature. Regarding weight, nothing is mentioned except a "rider max weight" of 275 lbs (125 kg). If that doesn't include the bike, too, that's pretty good.

At the end of the day, this seems like the sort of bike meant for nothing more than to help you get around town and to do it in a style that most of us grew up with, on a BMX bicycle. Or should I say, an e-BMX? Sounds like a neat way to show up to a cruise around town.
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