Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear Challenge Alfa Romeo 75 Up for Sale

Want to drive a car that was on TV? Then you could buy Jeremy Clarkson’s Alfa Romeo 75. Yes, the £450, dressed in green, Top Gear semi-celebrity has bought and driven during the show, some 3 years ago.
Jeremy Clarkson's Green Alfa Romeo 1 photo
Although it’s pretty much in the same bad shape the Top Gear host left it after their Cheap Car Challenge they had a few years ago in the show, the owner is now selling it for way more than it cost. You see what being owned by a celebrity does to a wrecked 1989 Alfa Romeo 75? Now it’s being sold for £2,000. We are talking about a car in pretty bad shape, with the clock showing more than 51,000 miles.

Let us reminisce the story of this car. Top Gear presenters were challenged to prove you’re not a true petrolhead if you haven’t driven an Alfa Romeo. They each had £1,000 to buy a car. Although, Clarkson’s Alfa Romeo was mechanically the strongest one, it wasn’t really winning the challenges the hosts had to overcome.

They first had to attend a track day where they would lose a point if overtaken and gain a point for overtaking other vehicles. Of course, their competitors, mostly faster track cars like Porsche 911s, did overtake their vehicles several times. After that, they had to make a calendar featuring their car and sell them in a newsagent. That didn’t work out so well either.

Finally, the three hosts were challenged to decorate and restore their cars to enter an Alfa Romeo Concours competition. Clarkson’s score was, along Richard Hammond’s one, the lowest ones ever recorded at the concourse event.

Funny thing is that the car is actually still dressed in the same green police-type of color, which Jeremy Clarkson’s applied during the show. It was a left-over from another episode where the boys recreated police vehicles on a budget. If we remember correctly, they failed that one as well.
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