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Jeremy Clarkson Says We Should Leave Terrorists Alone Until People Get Bored of Them

Some petrolheads still argue whether it’s controversy and pride or his love for cars that made Jeremy Clarkson famous. If one simply read the former Top Gear lead presenter’s latest The Sun column, that dilemma may be solved in a matter of minutes.
Jeremy Clarkson Says We Should Leave IS alone Until People Get Bored of It 1 photo
Civil wars are known for bringing chaos and resulting poverty to the majority of the population, especially when the conflict lasts for years. A Harvard Center for International Development study estimated that large government-involved civil wars typically reduce gross domestic product (GDP) by 1.25 percent each year.

Read this: since the conflict started in Syria back in 2013, the GDP has dropped a staggering 20.6 percent. As a matter of fact, the country is so devastated that its 2014 GDP cannot even be measured, considering there’s nobody left to make the statistics.

Now, read this: Jeremy Clarkson is reportedly the highest paid television person in the UK, with an estimated salary of £9.6 million ($14,780,352 at the current exchange rate) per year.

Sure, the problems that led to Syria's worrying situation are complex, and the Islamic State is just one big part of this deal. Nevertheless, a number of atrocities, the use of bio weapons, the killings of countless civilians, with many of them being children, are shocking.

After the recent terrorist attacks in Paris that left 130 people dead and hundreds injured, the world’s leaders have gathered to make a decision on whether to conduct a joint assault. Bombings have followed almost immediately on France’s behalf, but now UK’s PM is also considering such actions. No action is an action
All these issues may not be related to the automotive world, but they are connected with Jeremy Clarkson’s latest editorial.

“Dropping bombs from planes allows First World leaders to say they’re in the fight, but it will solve nothing. It never has and it never will. If they really want to make a difference, they have to send in ground troops, and they won’t do that, not after what happened last time,” he says.

Jezza may sometimes be a genius when it comes to car-joy, but when it comes to politics, there’s nothing really qualifying him for the job. Yet, the former Top Gear presenter felt the need to discuss the issue in his Sunday’s The Sun column, claiming the solution is to wait. Until when? Until the population being terrorized is bored of it, apparently.

Clarkson is hinting at what history could teach us, but in this case, one may argue it’s global inaction and indifference towards the less-fortunate countries of the planet that led to the problems the world is now facing in the first place.

“Time works better than explosive revenge. So this is my heartfelt plea to the world’s leaders. Instead of talking about climate change, which isn’t going to be an issue for hundreds of years, come home and read some history books. Maybe then you’ll learn that it’s better to leave a stupid idea alone than drop a bomb on its Toyota Land Cruiser.”

As to the environmental issue, one should not forget that countless weather forecasts claim the United Kingdom is in for the coldest winter on record. Meanwhile, the planet has just gone through the warmest year since registrations were conducted for the first time.


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