Jeremy Clarkson Makes Grown-Up Fan Behave like a Little Girl

We can't even begin talking about Jeremy Clarkson or anything related to the "The Grand Tour" in any way without mentioning what happened to the tiniest of the three, Richard Hammond.
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In a move that prompted some to say it is now official that no car can ever kill the Hamster, the TV presenter went out in a left-hand turn while driving the super fast and super expensive Rimac Concept_One electric hypercar. The car flipped and caught fire, but Hammond managed to get out and is now OK, apart from a fractured knee. They say every fast car out there is trembling at the thought of him getting better and sliding behind its wheel. Hammond, the Fast Car Slayer. That sure beats Captain Slow.

Anyway, that's not what we're here to talk about. No, we're here to discuss little girls - and before you start dialing the police number and point them toward our headquarter, we mean the kind of little girls that look like grown up men.

Remember how we used to look at the people fainting at Michael Jackson's concerts from over-excitement and could hardly believe our eyes? Well, while Jeremy Clarkson was strolling through Switzerland in a yellow Lamborghini Aventador just behind James May's red Honda NSX, he almost caused the same reaction.

A fan (that's short for fanatic, right?) caught a glimpse of the supercar convoy - these two tend to stick out no matter where they go - and, after identifying James May (who he called "Mr. Captain Slow," which was probably why he didn't even bother to stop), the guy saw Clarkson. And he lost it.

He proceeded to inform Clarkson that "he was the man," a mantra he kept repeating throughout their encounter. Clarkson didn't stop either, but the man ran after the two cars and, puffing like a steam train going uphill, he caught up with them at some point. Pure happiness: if you've never felt it yourself, you can live it through this man's reaction.

Yes, of course it's awkward for the guy - a YouTuber who goes by the name of Jogy_Cro_Swiss - but it was just as awkward for Clarkson as well. He's used to being approched by fans by now, probably, but this one was just over the Moon. Jezza tried to save the moment by revving the Aventador's V12 engine, but that only led to Jogy_Cro_Swiss making even more embarrassing sounds. Yes, we are envious - not because he got to meet Clarkson, but because very few people will ever feel joy at such an intense level.

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