Jeremy Clarkson Is the Highest Paid TV Host in the UK: Report

Jeremy Clarkson Is the Highest Paid TV Host in the UK: Report 1 photo
How much would you ask for, say you’d be discussing your future job with the boss of Amazon Prime UK? OK, that may be a little too far fetched. What if we raised the bar a notch, and we told you it’s Jeremy Clarkson himself negotiating the salary he’s about to earn as the host of the most expected automotive show in the country?
In that case, you’d be able to ask anything, right? I mean, you’re the person who punched a BBC director for a warm meal that failed at being warm enough. It’s the fellow petrolhead who had no problem swearing, using the N-word for a couple of times, joking and mocking every single person who interacted with him on set or off. Jezza is the man, people, he’ll ask, TV bosses will pay. Yes, yes, but how much?

How about £9.6 million ($14,780,352 at the current exchange rate) a year? The contract Amazon Prime sealed with the Top Gear trio (including director Andy Wilman) is worth quite a lot more than that, believe it or not. The media outlet is paying £160 million ($246.3 million) in total on 36 episodes over three years.

Simple math tells us we’re looking at almost £30million income in total for only one person, which happens to be Jeremy Clarkson himself. With that amount of cash, we’re pretty sure they can be more than excited BBC never wanted to renew their contract with Jezza therefore leaving the trio unemployed.

Clarkson may be the best-paid TV host in the UK, but we’re more than certain May and Hammond are not doing that bad themselves. As it turns out Captain Slow did eventually find a way to pay for that Ferrari 458 Speciale he ordered just before his fellow entertainer would ruin their relationship with the BBC.

Now, that we know how much the Top Gear’s lead singer is making, that McLaren 675LT photogs pictured in front of his house recently may as well be his new ride.

It turns out Charlie Chaplin was right; you’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile.
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