Jeremy Clarkson Admits He Got Busted for Speeding, Claims It’s First in 30 Years

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Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has done it again, only this time it’s rather a thing of self-redemption of some sort. The famous British television host wrote in his weekly Sun newspaper column he recently received points on his driving license after being caught speeding. The 54-year-old TV celebrity admitted he even wrote about all the speed cameras found in the area where he got caught, claiming it’s his first speed problem in 30 years.
Are we facing some sort of change of heart towards dealing with all the controversy? It definitely looks like that, considering normally he’d say nothing about the incident. Maybe the contentious auto enthusiast has been told to keep things clear and official so no miss-understanding like the Argentina episode would happen again.

After all, the revelation comes only weeks after he and his fellow Top Gear team members created quite the scandal for using a number plate that was believed to be referring to the Falklands conflict. It was while filming the BBC two show’s Christmas special in Argentina, when the team literally flee the country after being attacked by locals and abandoning their vehicles on spot.

Too fast to avoid the points

Clarkson said he was snared by a fixed camera while driving from Whitby in North Yorkshire to London and was driving so fast he wasn’t even offered the option of taking a speed awareness course to avoid points. Call it coincidence or just another jinx, but the weird part is the Top Gear star actually wrote about how many speed cameras he’d encountered on a drive on the same road, less than a month ago.

Sadly, I was going to quickly for the speed awareness course to be an option. Which means I’m getting some point on my license. My first in 30 years,” Clarkson wrote in the column.

Clarkson has been speeding before

However, it’s not the first time one of BBC’s best payed presenters had brought controversy upon himself driving very fast.

In a November 2005 Times article, Clarkson wrote on the Bugatti Veyron, “on a recent drive across Europe I desperately wanted to reach the top speed but I rand out of road when the needle hit 240 mph.” In 2007, solicitor Nick Freeman represented Clarkson against a charge of driving at 86 mph (138 km/h) in a 50 mph (80 km/h) zone on the A40 road in London, defeating it on the basis that the driver of the car loaned to Clarkson from Alfa Romeo could not be ascertained.

What probably made for the most controversial speeding scandal, however, happened in 2008, when the Top Gear star claimed in a talk at the Hay Festival to have been given a speeding ticket of driving at 186 mph (300 km/h) on the A 1203 Limehouse Link road in London.
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