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Jennifer Connelly Got Over Her Fear of Flying Just Before Filming Top Gun 2

When starring alongside Tom Cruise, you know a lot of stunts are in store for you. Jennifer Connelly revealed she conveniently got over her fear of flying just before filming Top Gun 2, although there was no flying for her character. Initially.
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Top Gun 2Top Gun 2Top Gun 2Top Gun 2Top Gun 2
Over twenty years after the original, Top Gun has a new movie coming out in the series. Starring Tom Cruise, it's for sure there will be a lot of quality action scenes.

But not everyone is just as thrilled as Cruise to jump at any action scene. His co-star for Top Gun: Maverick, Jennifer Connely, just revealed that she actually feared flying. The actress talked about the second installment of the beloved franchise, which was supposed to hit theaters in 2019, but had been postponed several times. She described her character, Penny Benjamin, as “optimistic,” but obviosuly, not very brave.

Initially, her character wasn’t supposed to have any flying scenes in the movie. There is though a scene where Penny and Maverick travel by air in a North American P-51 Mustang. And she found out on the spot that she'd be up in the air with Tom Cruise. Although she wasn’t part of the original movie, Connelly gets to play Maverick’s love interest instead of Kelly McGillis, who isn’t a part of the sequel.

Connelly revealed during an interview with 'Amazing Magazine' via The Daily Mail that she had “worked her way out of” her flying phobia right before filming the movie. Taking into account just how much actors have to travel for work, whether for filming or premieres, the actress shared she had to “get to the bottom of it.

Her reward was getting to enjoy flying next to one of the most adventurous Hollywood actors, who seems to be fearless. And she didn't even know that was in store for her.

Just recently, Cruise worked on his flying skills on a Boeing B75N1 Stearman biplane while getting ready to start filming for Mission: Impossible 8.

Although initially slated for release in July 2019, Top Gun: Maverick will hit theaters on May 22, 2022.

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