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Jeep Wrangler JL Gets Agressor Body Kit, Looks Like a Fierce Beast

While some of us have our gaze fixed on the newer Wrangler models like the 4xe or the Rubicon 392 nowadays, it could seem the others in the JL family are getting the cold treatment. Well, Grid Off-Road decided to pump some more life into them and turn them into ferocious-looking off-road beasts.
Jeep Wrangler JL Agressor Grille With LED 8 photos
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In case you didn’t know, the California-based startup company is all about the off-road life. You can find them usually fitting some rugged casts and forged wheels on trucks. This time they tried their hands at a body kit for a Wrangler JL, but not alone. The task was shared with Japanese body kit manufacturer Rowen International.

The rugged, distinctively retro look that we all well know received a nice modern (and quite stylish) upgrade. From the pictures, we notice that it’s a 4-door Wrangler that’s been tuned up to match the „everyday perils of the concrete jungle.”

The entire Agressor kit, as it is called, fits the whole Wrangler JL range, so you could install it on any fourth generation off-road vehicle. Personally, I think the name does justice to what it can do. That raked front grille with seven vertical slots and round integrated headlamps can be swapped with an LED one that gives the truck a completely new badass face. In case you were wondering, this piece stands at $1,550.

Other customizable parts include a front under spoiler, rear under spoiler, LED fog lights, LED over fender extension (front and rear set), and roof spoiler.

You can opt to get the entire body kit or buy each part individually. The complete Aggressor kit is priced at $6,600, and it seems like it’s a bit up there for an SUV.

With over 49,000 Wranglers sold in the U.S. just in this year’s four months alone, the offer is more versatile than ever, with an optional diesel, a V-8, and even a plug-in hybrid model. Now, you can get to customize your truck to your heart's content and stand out from the crowd.

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