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Jeep Wrangler Converts into Micro RV with Hanging Bed

The Jeep Wrangler is the icon of 4x4 adventures. It’s like the Goliath of the off-roading world and it might be hard to turn it into a recreational vehicle due to its modest size. A Colorado-based company came up with a simple, clever sleeping solution to make the Wrangler comfortable for overnighters in the wild without the hassle of camper conversion kits.
Oryx-equipped Jeep Wrangler 8 photos
Oryx-equipped Jeep WranglerOryx-equipped Jeep WranglerOryx-equipped Jeep WranglerOryx-equipped Jeep WranglerOryx-equipped Jeep WranglerOryx-equipped Jeep WranglerOryx-equipped Jeep Wrangler
Oryx Platform created a sleeper platform that hangs off the Wrangler's roll cage and turns the vehicle into a bunk room for two.

The two-door Jeep Wrangler is built like a tank, looks like one, and behaves like one off the beaten path, but besides satisfying the needs of hardcore off-road enthusiasts, it could now also offer them accommodation when the night comes thanks to Oryx Platform’s solution.

The 4x4 vehicle features a small wheelbase that endows it with excellent off-roader capabilities, but this means less interior space for installing camping solutions. However, Oryx’s dual-panel deployable platform will provide the driver and passenger with ample room to lay down and sleep or look out at the night sky.

Let’s see how the system works! The first thing you need to do to install Oryx’s bed is remove the rear seats. The sleeping platform will go over the rear load area and a pulley cord with stirrup will serve as a lift mechanism to elevate the assembly when needed. Some carabiners will fixate the bed to the Wrangler's roll cage. The foam mattress is attached to the platform, so it expands at the same time as the platform.

From the rear window to the vehicle’s dashboard, the bed measures roughly 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm). That's a little over the average height of US male adults (5 feet 9 in/175 cm), which means most off-road enthusiasts will be able to sleep comfortably in it.

They can choose to keep the roof on for protection or leave it off and sleep under the stars. Either way, getting up onto the bed is made easy by a strut-assisted hatch entry positioned over the driver's seat. Half of the sleeping platform will lift to the side to allow campers to climb up onto the bed.

Admittedly, the Oryx-equipped Wrangler doesn’t quite look like the comfiest RV out there, but the solution will do for a night or two.

The deployable platform can also serve as a near-rooftop chaise lounge and is suitable for all 2007 to 2017 Jeep Wrangler models.

Oryx Platform offers three variants of its hanging bed system. A Base model, which is just a simple two-panel platform, is available for $650 (619 Euro) and a Plus model that includes the fully-functioning platform sans mattresses and sheets goes for $1,099 (1,048 Euro). Finally, the Premium variant with all the features, including driver-seat hatch, lift-assist mechanism, rail-based deployment, mattress, and sheets, is offered for $1,299 (1,239 Euro).

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