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Jeep Spider Concept Has Self-Leveling Cabin for Ultimate Off-Roading

It must be nice having the required talent to put even the craziest idea on paper, be it actual cellulose or the white of your computer display. Because let's face it, that's the only thing that's keeping all of us from becoming self-proclaimed car designers, right?
Jeep Spider concept 14 photos
Jeep Spider conceptJeep Spider conceptJeep Spider conceptJeep Spider conceptJeep Spider conceptJeep Spider conceptJeep Spider conceptJeep Spider conceptJeep Spider conceptJeep Spider conceptJeep Spider conceptJeep Spider conceptJeep Spider concept
We all have an idea of what our ultimate performance car would look like, or what equipment we'd have installed on our supreme off-roader. And even though we like to think of these vehicles in superlative terms, the truth is most of them would probably be crap.

Well, that too is the case for those who can draw a straight line when they want to - this ever-expanding world of digital artists and amateur or professional car designers. Their creations don't always have the best thought-out features, but that's why actual cars aren't made by one person, but an entire company full of people

Wayne Jung is a design pro and his Jeep Spider concept is nothing short of breathtaking. He says that in a future where people become more and more estranged with nature, off-roading will grow in popularity as a means to reconnect with our less urban surroundings. That one could very well be true.

His project's name comes from the articulated arms that connect the four wheels to the body of the vehicle. Seen from underneath, they do resemble the legs of an arachnid, mimicking the spider's range of movement with help from a set of sphere joints. This also helps the cabin remain level at all times, something that's supposed to help during tougher off-road sections.

This is the part I don't really agree with. Sure, having the cockpit on a gimbal of sorts can be comfy, but it's not what you would want while rock-crawling. Even with the 270-degree view range that still wouldn't be enough to give the driver a clear idea of what's happening around him. Out on the unbeaten track, you want to be connected with your vehicle and know - no, feel - what every wheel is doing. You can't do that using only your eyes or the video feed from a drone you control. No, you need your inner ear's contribution.

Besides, how much fun would off-roading be if you took away all the tilting and being thrown around inside the car? You might make it simpler, but how about that initial desideratum of reconnecting with nature? How are you going to do that with a pesky Jeep Spider getting in the way? Well, at least it looks cool. Really cool.


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