Jeep Reportedly Working on Renegade Trackhawk with Over 200 HP

With the Jeep Renegade having already won over plenty of customers from the US and Europe alike, it seems Fiat Chrysler are working on a performance version that will earn Jeep's new Trackhawk badge.
Jeep Renegade Trackhawk rendering 1 photo
The rumors had been floating around and now a member of the JeepTrackHawk Forums claims the Renegade is being sent to the gym. The guy has provided valuable insider information in the past, so this only increase the possibility of the model actually coming to life.

After all, Jeep would only have to make their own version of the upcoming Abarth-massaged Fiat 500X. Fiat's in-house tuner is expected to gift the 500's crossover version with the 1.75-liter turbo engine that motivates multiple Alfa Romeo models.

This would bring the output to over 200 hp, with such a value making full sense. One simply has to follow the existing cars in this segment to realize that.

For instance, we have the Nissan Juke Nismo, which packs 197 hp, or the Japanese model's 215 hp RS version. Then there's the Mini Countryman JCW, which delivers 208 hp.
"Over 300 hp," they said. Wait, what?
There's another rumor flying around, stating the Renegade Trailhawk would pack a meaty 300 HP. While that would be possible thanks to a twin-turbo 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, we don't dare dream about it.

First of all, such an output would require massive upgrades to all of the car's tech sides and Fiat Chrysler is not exactly in a situation that allows it to throw cash around for no good reason. In other words, Jeep would have no reason to surpass its competition by over 50 hp.

We also keep in mind that all carmakers are doing their best to prepare for the ever-tightening CAFE regulations. Offsetting that all-important average fleet emission value to activate in a niche as limited as that of the Renegade Trackhawk doesn't make sense.

Still, with the Renegade line-up currently topping at 170 hp, an increase of, say, 50 hp would do the job just fine. Until we get our hands on more solid details, the rendering above should quench your go-fast crossover thirst.


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