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Jeep "Brutus" Looks Like the Mother of SUV Coupes

Since the appeal of the Jeep lineup seems to only climb, it's only natural for the automotive producer to diversify its range. As such, one can't help but wonder if the company will wish to jump on the SUV Coupe bandwagon (no, the two-door Wrangler doesn't count here).
Jeep "Brutus" 4 photos
Jeep "Brutus" renderingJeep "Brutus" renderingJeep "Brutus" rendering
This controversial genre, which seems to trade some the practicality that should define any crossover for arguable visual benefits, doesn't sound like the usual recipe Jeep follows. Then again, the company is currently preparing to introduce a new generation of the Grand Cherokee and this could always receive a sloping roof line sibling further down the line.

Meanwhile, I've brought along a rendering portraying the kind of coupe that shouldn't upset the traditional Jeep fan base.

Of course, this pixel effort, which is an independent adventure, looks more like the multitude of wacky concepts Jeep has introduced over the years than a production model.

While the vehicle does seem to pack four doors, it mixed rugged styling elements, such as the massive fenders, with more refined styling cues (think: the roof line and the door design).

And while its front and rear fascias display a futuristic look, their lower areas bring the kind of tough elements that are mandatory on such a machine, tow hooks included.

The uber-generous ground clearance is matched by the generously-sized wheels and tires, with this hardware ensuring the machine can go anywhere. Of course, the setup would require some extra work for use on the street.What about the mind behind these pixels?
This proposal comes from Juan Mendez, a digital artist whose portfolio involves collaborations with big names such as Audi, Nissan, FCA, Ford, as mentioned on his Instagram page.

Speaking of which, you'll find a pair of angles showcasing this high-riding goodie in the posts below.

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