JB Takes a First Crack at Motorhomes and Hits a Home Run With Class C Touring RV

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Photo: Caravan Camping Sales | YouTube
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It's nothing new that Australia crafts some of the meanest and most capable travel trailers on the market. But what happens when an Aussie caravan manufacturer takes a crack at building a Class C motorhome? Well, it's time to find out!
Ladies and gents and lovers of everything wild, the Class C motorhome before you is nothing more than the work of JB Caravans, an Australian crew that's been on the market since 2010 and, in that time, grown to be loved for their amazing off-road and off-grid-capable travel trailers. However, 2024 brought with it this crew's first Class C motorhome; it debuted at the 2023 Let's Go Brisbane Caravan Show. Let's see what it takes for a Class C to handle the rough outback.

First and foremost, allow me to point out that this hunk of rolling habitat isn't cheap, neither by Australian or even North American standards; it's currently showcasing a starting price tag of $226K Australian, which is roughly $153K American (at current exchange rates), so quite a bit, but there seem to be plenty of reasons why.

JB Touring
Photo: Caravan Camping Sales | YouTube
First and foremost, we're looking at a machine that's been designed to handle the most brutal weather that Australia can throw at you, and to do that, a completely composite shell is brought to life on an Iveco chassis. Sandwich panels with extruded polystyrene cores are coupled with a one-piece fiberglass roof and floor panel to create an insulated shell that's also impact-resistant.

That's part of the magic in store. Part two of the JB Touring is all about the off-grid features this manufacturer places at our disposal. Let's kick things off with a complete EcoFlow Powerkit with 4kW of energy that can be expanded all the way up to 15 kW, so there is plenty of power. This system can also be charged with up to 4,800 W of solar power input, much like shore power. JB then adds two 2 kW lithium batteries to the mix, a 3,600 W inverter, AC and DC-DC chargers, and 600 W of solar panel power. Two hundred liters of fresh water also accompany the off-grid abilities of this unit, and so does a water filtration unit.

But off-grid living isn't the only thing this puppy can do; it's decked out with creature comforts to make you feel at home no matter where you are in the world, more than I'd ever have time to run through, but we can always point out that you'll find AC units, heaters, washing machines, microwaves, entertainment centers, residential-style kitchens, and massive showers are all part of the mix.

JB Touring
Photo: JB Caravans
One aspect of the build I'd like to point out is the internal layout of features and spaces. As we enter the unit, we'll find ourselves to the left of the galley block, and straight ahead, a dinette is also present. Behind the dinette sits a massive fridge and plenty of slide-out storage options, but it's the rear half of the Touring that I liked best.

Once we pass the kitchen, the Touring's standard floorplan invites us with an east-west bedding arrangement that extends from the starboard wall and offers a complete walk-around, including to the very rear of the RV, where a beautiful and well-arranged bathroom extends the full width of the unit.

For a moment, kick back and picture yourself waking up in this space, heading to this bathroom to freshen up, throwing on a pot of coffee and some breakfast, and then heading outside to enjoy the sunrise from the outdoor dining set you brought along. Sounds like a neat way to wake up if you ask me.

JB Touring
Photo: JB Caravans
As the day goes on, you and your significant other—this is a couple's unit—decide to explore the local landscape or even climb some rock formations nearby. All the while, the Touring will be there working its magic and recharging systems so that they're ready to go for the next leg of the journey.

Later in the evening, you come back to a unit that's the exact temperature you want, and the granite countertops yearn to see what meals you have in mind for tonight. This time, it's chicken Alfredo with lava cake for dessert. Sure, you could enjoy all that at the dinette, but the starry sky outside calls for your attention.

Things will typically carry one like this wherever you decide to stop and explore the wild world around, but there is a catch to this machine, and it has to do with the fact that you'll need to move to Australia to get your hands on one. Bummer, I know. Or is it?! Honestly, if you've got the bucks for something like this, then you surely have the cash to relocate to the land down under and start a new life. After all, that's what the JB Touring offers: a new lifestyle.

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