Jayco Steps Into the New Year With Its Luxury Airliner-Like 2025 Solstice Camper Van

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Photo: Jayco Inc
2025 Solstice2025 Solstice2025 Solstice2025 Solstice2025 Solstice2025 Solstice2025 Solstice2025 Solstice2025 Solstice2025 Solstice2025 Solstice2025 Solstice
Countless manufacturers promise to be your next or first camper van provider. However, a few of these teams have been in the RV business for ages, and Jayco is one of them. With that in mind, we'll be exploring what they have lined up for the new year: the 2025 Solstice.
Okay, so just to get to the point, the Class B RV before us is not cheap. It's currently up for sale on Jayco's website with a starting price of $201,300, but there are plenty of reasons why they chose this number, aside from making a bit of cash for themselves; this thing is a beast.

First off, allow me to point out that none other than Ford is the crew chosen as the manufacturer behind the chassis. As standard, we're offered a Transit 350HD with AWD and a hunky and able tandem rear axle that can take the brunt of carrying the goods necessary to rank the Solstice as a four-season home.

Now, I could sit here and talk about all the magic that Ford brings to the table, but then again, this short literary expression is all about the whole picture, and to grasp what that may be, allow me to take you on a little imaginary trip into a life lived out of a Solstice.

2025 Solstice
Photo: Jayco Inc
Picture yourself as the proud owner of this RV, and as you do, place yourself behind the wheel and on some two-lane highway winding through a forgotten corner of the Rockies. You'll be able to hear the pistons firing from a 3.5-liter, 6 EcoBoost engine with 310 hp and a peak of 400 ft-lb of torque. If you open the windows a tad, you'll feel the cool mountain air, a wonderful contrast to the already scorching temperatures seen across parts of the US. No need to worry about you making it to your destination either; all the features Ford is known for are in place and active at all times or when you need them to be.

Yet, the real magic begins the moment you finally find that hidden grove you've been searching for. Since this puppy is AWD, you had no trouble breaking away from the road a bit and covering the rest of the route via a dirt road. If you're on the opposite end of the spectrum, then a patch of sand and a beach is there for you.

Once you've parked, stretched your bones, and taken in the sights and sounds of the world around you, let's prepare our campsite. Yes, prepare because the Solstice is more than ready to take the space around it and transform it into part of itself.

2025 Solstice
Photo: Jayco Inc
This is made possible by first swinging open the side door, extending an awning, and arranging an outdoor dining set. Suppose you're into creating a closed space. In that case, there are plenty of aftermarket tent annexes to choose from, and the Solstice's ability to accommodate more than just two guests is sure to expand; as standard, this puppy is a couple's RV. Oh, and if you really want to extend the Solstice into its surroundings, swing open the rear doors and enjoy the view directly from atop your double bed.

Now, it's really once we're inside the Solstice that we begin to understand where all the money we're dishing out is actually going; I don't know about you, but it's not every day that I see an interior quite like this one. From solid-surface countertops and wood cabinetry to airplane-cabin-like overhead storage bins, all of it screams peak RV and camper van living.

Composite materials and semiprecious metals are brought to view with the use of LEDS and windows for natural light. But it's the rear modular seating that really has my attention, with its stitched diamond leather look, entertainment options, and the 270-degree view of the world outside.

2025 Solstice
Photo: Jayco Inc
Be sure to take a moment out of your busy day to place yourself in the center of what you see in the gallery and enjoy your stay. Picture yourself whipping up a spot of lunch, enjoying it with your significant other, squeezing in a tad of work, and later in the day, riding e-bikes to a nearby ridge and enjoying the sunset. If kayaking is your thing, go for that instead.

Oh, and we're clearly not done, not by a longshot, but before I go, allow me to point out that Starlink can be found in your unit, 7.9 kWh of power bank, upgraded suspensions, and most importantly, the ability to process solar power and even filter water. The one and only floorplan currently available boasts a peak of 24 gals of the life-giving juice (water).

Sure, by the time you're done dishing out any extra bucks on options and upgrades, we'll be looking at a mobile home that's well beyond the starting price, but then again, the trade-off is just that: you're buying a full-time wheeled home to live out of and wherever you like, almost; be sure to boondock without endangering anyone's lives and never on private property without permission.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase the 2024 Solstice model year as these are provided on the manufacturer's website.

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