Jayco's Class C Granite Ridge Motorhome Is Prime On-Road Living for Adventurous Americans

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With this year's glamping season nearly over, manufacturers are starting to unveil new year's machines. One crew unleashing a new Class C onto the world is Jayco. If you're in the market for a new RV or motorhome, listen up.
Folks, Jayco is one of those RV and camper manufacturers that have been around for ages. Since 1968, this American-born team has even managed to expand to a worldwide presence, with a branch even over in Australia. Well, recently, this crew unveiled their newest Class C RV, the Granite Ridge (GR). What are we in for this time around? That's precisely what I'm here for, to present some of the ups and downs of this fresh creature.

First and foremost, we need to explore the chassis upon which this mobile home is crafted, and in the case of the GR, Ford is the crew that has shaken hands with Jayco. At its base, the GR uses a Transit 35HD AWD base with a 3.5 l EcoBoost V6 engine with a peak of 310 hp and 400 lb-ft (544 Nm) of torque.

Because Ford is the crew behind the power to get this RV moving, most of the safety features this manufacturer supplies are also available in the GR, and then some. From the basics such as anti-locking brakes and cruise control to pre-collision assist with AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking), hill start assist, and Safety Canopy side curtain airbags, just to mention a few.

From here, Jayco goes to town crafting the living space we see. This is done with their signature StrongholdVBL vacuum-bonded and laminated roof, floor, and sidewalls. Bead-foam insulation is then added in between panels, giving the GR an R-24 roof rating, R-9 on the floor, and R-8 on the walls. A one-piece fiberglass roof is then set on top, and the exterior walls are also fiberglass.

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Currently, there's only one floorplan that Jayco presents, and frankly, once you really get to know this setup, you'll understand that there really isn't a need for another layout, not yet, anyway. The 22T seems to be plenty, with over 22 feet (6.7 m) of length and offering all the features two adults would ever need to live a full life on the road.

For starters, this lineup starts off at $204,300 (€187,200 at current exchange rates), and while that's more than most people are willing to drop on an RV, there are plenty we need to consider. First of all, Jayco seems to have aimed for a year-round unit because these babies are built with a heated garage, the insulation I mentioned, internal holding tanks, and a winterization drain system.

Is this enough to have us RVing into the winter months? Maybe. But, once we consider the Onan generator, Aqua-Hot water and heating system, Showermi$er management system, and 360 watts of solar panel on top, we could be getting hella close to living out of this thing year-round.

As for the sort of lifestyle you can lead in the GR, the best way to grasp what that may be like would be to take a little trip through imagination, pretending that you own what you see in the image gallery. Shake hands with your dealer, grab those keys, start her up, and hit the road.

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Photo: Jayco Inc
Let's skip over loading the GR with all your goods and foodstuffs and picture yourself pulling into some RV lot. If you're lucky, you've got connections for a little plot of land on the edge of some vineyard. Get out of the GR, stretch those legs, and take a step back to marvel at your box on wheels.

Now, this is where I started to fall in love with the GR. What I like most about this unit, aside from the fact that it has everything you and your significant other could ever need, is that Jayco has oriented the GR toward outdoor living.

There are plenty of storage bays tattered all over the unit, perfect for storing an outdoor dining set because the manufacturer adds a standard outdoor galley. This feature alone ensures more time spent outdoors, and all of it in the shade of an awning. An optional rear awning allows you to take advantage of another side of your RV and is perfect for an outdoor shower or privacy tent. Be sure to think about what you'll throw onto that roof rack. Have any kayaks, SUPs, or bicycles?

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Photo: Jayco Inc
By the time you've completed your outdoor living setup, it'll probably be late in the day, so the interior calls. Here, too, I loved what Jayco did with the place. Upon entering the GR, straight ahead sits a dinette, and to your left, the galley, wet bath, and bedroom are in place.

But what I like most is the way everything looks. With a blend of materials and smart design, Jayco was able to craft a clean-cut, modern, and, above all, spacious interior where two people can clearly coexist without stepping on each other's toes, literally.

Be sure to take note of the twin bedding, which converts to a king, the wet bath, the kitchen with microwave, large fridge, and plenty of countertop space, and even the swiveling driver and passenger seats, the latter being essential in case you make some friends during your adventures. Storage, you say? Jayco would probably laugh at this question and simply point to all your options, inside and outside of the GR.

Listen, place yourself in the middle of what you see, follow along with the video below, and before you know it, you'll find yourself picking up the phone and calling a local dealership, asking for a Granite Ridge Class C from Jayco.

Why? Because it comes across as that good. Sure, you might need to sell a few things to come up with the cash, but who needs a house when you can travel the US, always in search of the perfect weather and sunsets?

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